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How to mount a Line Follower – The Planning and Designing Stages.

We need to mount the line follower on the base on the robot in the centre. After some quick research I found that, for it (the line follower) to work at its optimum, the line follower needs to be mounted REALLY close to the ground.

Measurements of the robot:

  • From the inside of the wheel mounts at either end, there is a gap of 140mm.
  • The width of the whole robot is 140mm.

Measurements for the line follower:

  • Length = 67.08mm 
  • Width = 27.5mm 
  • Depth (Thickness) = 2.3mm 
  • Mounting Hole Sizing:
    • Diameter: 3.3mm 
    • Hole is 2mm from edge of the line follower board. 
  • Gap between LEDs = 17.78mm 

We have 2 ideas for how the line follower could be mounted:

  • Directly onto the robot.
  • Onto a base that is already mounted on the robot.

An issue: How do we feed the cables through?

Solution: There are already gaps along the side of the robot that can utilised to feed cables through.

We will most likely relocate the speaker to a place that it can be more securely fastened on.

Related Information:

This is a simplified Line Follower created using OpenSCAD.

The Line Follower is going to take the place of the speaker (that we used to make lemming noises).

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