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Modelling the Kitronik Mono Amplifier Kit with Power Switch and status LED

In order to have the robot issue rousing Lemming quotes while we perform the challenges we needed an amp and speaker for the Pi. We didn’t need a fancy stereo one, so opted for a simple mono amplifier with an on and off switch from Kitronik. This had the added bonus that it comes as a kit and needs soldering giving Aliya an opportunity to practice.!

This is the soldered board from a previous post which has been replicated in OpenSCAD.

Kitronik Mono Amp (board id 2173)

There isn’t space on the small stack board for the Speaker and I haven’t found a suitable spot yet – but this sounds like a tomorrow problem!

It does fit both the board and a small seat for the battery pack to stay in place.

Fully printed it has come out nice and clean.

Fresh from the print bed

And the fit for the board and battery pack was perfect!

Mounted in the stack it looks pretty good.

You may have wondered where the speaker went… I found a space on the bottom of the robot (keeping its ear to the ground?).

When compared to the model in OpenSCAD the only difference is that I rotated the board around 180 degree so the wires all come out in the same direction.

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