Time to wake up.

Today we got the robot working again after a long nap in a dusty box in the corner of the loft.

In overview, we:

  • Reattached the Pi
  • Did 307 package updates on the Pi.
  • Reattached a board that allows us to have a ton of servos.
  • Attached some loose cables.
  • Managed not to break anything -yet- even when playing with random cabling and delicate components. We even managed not to have any magic smoke!

First disconnected the Pi from its home since the last PiWars competition, an Amiga emulator. Then, we attached, through the use of screws, to the robot, on top of the back stack. After puzzling over some loose cabelage and searching through old blog posts, we managed to reconnect the cables and not get any smoke.

Next, we connected the board for the servos (henceforth called Sunfounder – this is its actual name) and connected power to it.

Then we connected power to the robot and the pi appeared to have missed quite a lot of information during its hibernation. 307 updates later, we were finished.

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