Design for 2024

What components are we using and how are they connected?

  • Raspberry Pi Model 3
  • Pi Hut wireless USB game controller
  • Cytron Dual Channel 10A DC motor controller (MDD10A Rev2.0)
  • Raspberry Pi Camera v2 with 30cm cable
  • 4x JGA25-370 280rpm 12V DC motors
  • Sunfounder PCA9685 servo driver
  • Ultraborg MMP-0132 (servo and ultrasonic)
  • Kitronik Mono Amplifier Kit
  • 4 cell 14.8V LIPO 2200mAh 35-70
  • E4 cube LIPO charger
  • Small maplin USB battery pack
  • 4x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensors
  • 3 Sensor Line Follower