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FPV Pi Camera

Was it a silly idea at the last minute to add an Pi Cam to capture FPV videos of each of the challenges? Short answer was yes, most definitely. There also seem to be time sync issues so that it doesn’t quite match up with the main camera. Oh well, when it works it looks good on the competition videos.

To protect the camera and provide something to fasten it to the robot a mount was found on Thingiverse

In order to move the camera depending on which attachment and challenge was being run a large velcro tabs were used. This allowed us to re position it when needed.

It was a bit of a wobble cam mounted on the servo arm like that!

We also found cable length played a serious part in the quality of the videos. Originally we had a very short and very long cable. The short one didn’t reach the front of the robot and the long one had lots of artefacts in the video.

We now have a 30cm cable that gives the best of both worlds. It was too late to use in some of the videos though.

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