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Walls! Walls! And yet more Walls! The arena is now complete!

There is less than a week until The Pi Wars Hand In has to be complete!

On the weekend, we realised that we had not actually built the walls for the arena, a necessary component. Although, we had built the base of the Competition Board and Carpeted it (Blog Posts About The Building Stages Can Be Found here and here) but we had not actually built the walls of the arena.

Then, we cut the wood using a circular saw.

After that, we screwed it together with an electrical drill.

Then, we painted it white, and stuck sunflowers on, in recognition of what is happening in Ukraine, and how this had affected food production. Sunflower oil is commonly produced in Ukraine. Ukraine produces 5.48 tonnes of Sunflower oil

To the right, is a picture of the arena set up for Shepherd’s Pi.

First, we figured out how much wood we actually needed, because, although the walls are 150mm by 150mm, if we made planks of wood 150mm long, then, the corners would have no wood, and they would not stay up, as the wood needed to overlap so it could be bolted together at the corners, for stability and to hold it together.

Then, we made marks on the wood, with a pencil, as to where we needed to cut.

The arena is complete!
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