Dinner Table Discussion – Our thoughts so far on how to solve the challenges.

(A summarised and up to data version of the challenge status for 2024 and how we plan to complete all the challenges is also available here, and the To Do List is available here).

We brainstormed ideas, however far-fetched and stupid they seemed.  

They included:

  • A zombie lemming that can shoot a crossbow (the crossbow would be for a zombie apocalypse obviously) and carries an umbrella. The umbrella would stop any nasty accidents. 
  • Add a trebuchet to our robot for the Zombie Apocalypse challenge because why not? (This idea was quickly discarded as although it would be and look cool it is not exactly the most accurate or efficient method). 
  • Use ultrasonic sensors to detect distance change in the wall for the escape route challenge. However, Dad said this would not work because the robot might turn slightly more than 90 degrees meaning that all our calculations would be thrown off, therefore we would not achieve the end result.

AI interpretation of our ideas.

In conclusion, we have worked out several ideas about how to solve most of the challenges. We just need to come up with one or two ideas and smooth out a few others. Our next steps are:

  • Get the Robot working
  • Set a line follower
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