Challenge Accessories

Printing Challenge Models and making final updates

We are at a point where models now exist for all the challenge objects. These are uploaded in their own page here.

Three versions of the model are shown in the image on the right. The final model in blue has a fill line in the middle to denote the level to fill to.

The final iteration of the model is available in the challenge accessories page.

We now have the three Troughs required for the Hungry Cattle challenge.

I expect we will paint them appropriately next.

While putting together the initial grey sheep box worked ok, it needed to be glued in two parts as it was tricky to align everything in a single go. Consequently some triangular lips were added to the sides to enable easier gluing.

As the model is quite big and would fit on the Ender 3, we decided to provide the lid and body in separate parts so they could be printed independently.

We intend to paint them white and add a pink face. Expect a post when we do this.

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