Challenge Accessories

This weeks tasks.

For me and Toby, it is the Easter holidays. This means that we can spend more time on the robot.

So, after a long discussion yesterday, we came up with a list of things that we need to do.

See the to do list page:

The whiteboard after yesterday’s planning session.

I have measured the rice in the tub, without the tub, the rice weighs about 200g although it could be 10g either way (maximum).

Next, I am going to do some painting. I am going to paint the Troughs, and the Sheep.

Then, as the weather is not very nice, I am going to design the gripper (for Shepherd’s Pi) and/or food holder thing (for Hungry Cattle), instead of finishing off the competition board, and doing the panelling for the board.

Although some of this will probably be done over the next few days.

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