Challenge Accessories

The Apple : From Start to Finish

At first, we had the basic limitations that the competition dictated we should have for the apple (as seen below) :

Apple no1

But, we also had many questions:

  • How to hang it?
  • How can we jazz it up?
  • How to collect it?

So, we narrowed down the options available to us that would work:

But, in order for these ideas to work, we needed a way of looping the wire through the apple or sticking a magnet to the apple. So, I added a hook to the top.

Apple no2

However, like this, the hole is affected by the other piece of the apple that joins on to it, so I sorted it. The reason you cannot have an overlap, is because it the means the magnet will not fit in the hole (The magnet being a cylinder; not spherical).

In the first picture, you can see the overlap between the two pieces of the apple, however, in the second picture, you cannot see the overlap.


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