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Building the Robot Arm

This part was really fun as we built the robot arm that we are going to use to pick apples in Nature’s Bounty. We researched different designs to print as Dad had already bought some SG90 and MG90 servos. We used this Thingiverse design which uses the MG90’s as we thought it would be stronger. It was much quicker and better than I thought! 😉

I was really pleased that the completed arm turned out brilliant and it looks just the same as the Thingiverse model!

It took about 8 hours to 3d print the parts in one go. Then we had to peel them off the plastic raft underneath.

I used M3 bolts to attach the servos.

I Used the servo tester each time we added a new servo. It moved faster than I expected!

We used the servo tester to test whether the arm can grip the apple.

Its got a mind of its own!

Reaching the top apple in the tree.

Reaching the bottom apple in the tree.

😎 This was really cool!

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